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The seculution Components


The guardian on all secured clients on the network.
Always enabled

When a program is to be started, the agent detects this process and verifies the trustworthiness of the requested program before the allocation of memory.

Secure. Even offline.

Even without a connection to the SecuLution Server, the Agent protects you. Cached hashes are used as an offline fallback.

Icon SecuLution Agent
Only hashes

Only if a software can be unambiguously identified by its hash, the Agent allows execution. No exceptions.

TLS – Better safe than sorry

All communication between agent and server is secured via TLS. Data traffic is generated only by querying programs to be started.

The SecuLution Agent is software that is installed on every PC to be secured. The agent integrates with the Microsoft Windows operating system and ensures that only software that has been classified as trustworthy is able to start. The same applies to USB devices.


If a program is started or a USB device is connected to a SecuLution-secured computer, the agent creates an electronic fingerprint (Hash) of the program or the device. The agent checks whether the hash has been classified as trustworthy on the Whitelist via a TLS-secured network connection.

The Whitelist consists of hashes from trustworthy applications, DLLs, Java Code and devices. Hashes that are not on this list are simply unknown, "not trustworthy" and therefore can not be started or used.

The whitelist includes properties (e.g., date of last use) and rules for each hash. Rules may represent a configuration option (such as a password) or policy (e.g., "allow this"). The validity of rules can be related to Active Directory objects or IP addresses. It is possible to have multiple rules for each hash.


All communication between Agent and Server is secured through TLS. Data traffic is generated only by querying programs to be started.


Your interface for monitoring and managing the Whitelist.
Extensive Admin tools

Whether you want to configure the Agent or replicate your Active Directory Objects to maintain specific Whitelist objects, the AdminWizard is your tool.

Simple classification

Keep track of any whitelisted software. Simple classification and clear control views make it possible.

Automatic patch management

Reduce manual effort to a minimum and use the automated import of trustworthy Software.

Integrated Agent Distribution (RCM)

Keep track of secured clients and pending agent updates. Our integrated agent distribution makes this task easier for you.

The SecuLution AdminWizard is a program for administrators to maintain the Whitelist and to control the Agent configuration. Furthermore, the AdminWizard can import preconfigured Golden Image PCs in order to ensure a quick initial setup of the Whitelist. The direct classification of these hashes gives you a structured overview of the inventory in your network. Windows patches and software depots can also be added to the Whitelist through an automated routine before they are distributed across the network.

We recommend that you install the AdminWizard on computers for administrators who are permitted to modify theWhitelist. We also recommend installing the AdminWizard on a Windows server, to perform automated tasks. One of these tasks is to import WSUS patches; it is recommended to perform an installation on your WSUS server.


The AdminWizard can be installed on any number of computers on your network.


The SecuLution Appliance is a complete server system that provides the whitelist as a database in your network. You get the appliance as a virtual machine based on OpenBSD. No maintenance work on the appliance is necessary or possible. The VM is completely closed and does not provide any interfaces for administrators.


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