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SecuLution technique and terminology
Quick start
Test setup in 30 minutes
Best practice in everyday use
Full setup and deployment in 5 hours
Installation of components
Install Appliance
AdminWizard installation
Agent installation
Syslog server installation
Initial configuration tasks
Configure basic settings
Agent configuration
Configure automated tasks
Manage whitelist
Initial whitelist generation
Import trustworthy software
Learn mode
Check deployment and learning progress
Add entries to whitelist
Individual lernmode
Import from directory
Log alarms
Cleanup whitelist
Manually delete unused entries
Delete entries using a pattern
Clean up classifications
Managed Whitelist
Managed Whitelist
Referring rules to objects
Offline mode
Offline mode
USB device management
USB device encryption
Agent deployment (RemoteClientManagement)


Thank you for choosing SecuLution!

Take a few minutes to understand why SecuLution offers a level of security that you have never before thought possible.

SecuLution assures that only programs specifically classified as trustworthy can be executed. The same protection applies for USB devices connected to any client computer.

  • Protection from any unwanted software or device (for example: games, filesharing programs, viruses, worms, trojan horses and any other malware, as well as unwanted USB or removable media devices are automatically denied.)
  • Proactive: Zero-second response time (Using the whitelist, which contains all trustworthy programs. All other programs are regarded as not trustworthy and therefore cannot be executed.)
  • No definition files to update (The whitelist can easily be extended with updates or additional software.)
  • Lower administration costs (Better control of which applications run on each computer. Enforced license management with one click.)
  • Increases the staff‘s productivity (Allow only programs necessary for business operations.)
  • Fine-grained permissions: Who may do what? (SecuLution can assign permissions based on Active Directory objects.)
  • Saves money: Positive ROI in a few months (Example: A company with 200 employees gains a positive ROI in only 8 months with extremely conservative assumptions.)